A Quick Guide to Proper Asbestos Management in Workplace

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Any building with its construction dating back to the ‘80s and previous period are at risk of asbestos exposure. Thus, if you suspect any trace of the dangerous fibre at your place, you should talk with asbestos removal professionals to reduce the chances of exposure. Professionals offer services like mould removal, lead removal, asbestos removal, mould remediation, PCB remediation, and safe asbestos abatement.

Finding asbestos in your workplace is the main step to prevent any negative impact on persons and property. Thus, checking for the presence and exposure of fibres is critical. Here’s how you should approach asbestos risk management.

  • When you find asbestos in your workplace, immediately label it and record its position in the register
  • Get the risk of exposure checked as soon as possible
  • Know what essential measures need to be taken to control the spread and make sure they are well executed

What’s an Asbestos Register?

Just like any other register, this one contains the details of when and where you found asbestos. It also includes remedial measures taken. With a pre-defined template available, every organization should maintain the register to ensure employees, owners, and the business stays in good shape, always.

Measures to Control Asbestos

To dispose of and remove asbestos safely, you should follow the Code of Practice procedure. A professional company understands the asbestos removal procedure and can help you manage everything better. They label locations with warning signs wherever asbestos has been discovered. In addition, professionals doing asbestos testing in Newcastle also follow and guide you about control measures to ensure minimum environmental risk.