All About Sports Vision Tests

Minor and major athletes need training in conditioning to ensure they can perform at their best. Many athletes go through vision tests. These tests are used to evaluate the capabilities acquired by athletes and help increase performance.

Athletes can also buy a vision screening device to test your vision at home.

Home vision tests

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These tests cover hand-eye coordination where athletes can examine how their coordination is lined up. This test is ideal for baseball and tennis players to determine how they will react when hitting a ball that is moving fast;

The ability to perceive depth is beneficial for downhill skiers in their turns in order to avoid obstacles and eye-tracking ability is an essential test for every athlete – is about watching and anticipating the movement of a ball that is moving, this aids basketball players as they practice across the court.

Tests for vision in sports can help evaluate the ability of an athlete to see and are a great way to teach them how to improve their vision. Every vision test comes with its own set of tests to aid in assessing the athletes' vision. The eye chart of Snellen, for instance, assists with eye coordination tests for hand. 

We are all accustomed to the eye chart- it's the chart that your optometrist will ask you to read to assess your vision. If you're struggling to read an eye chart you'll be fitted with the right contacts or eyeglasses that will improve your vision.

The tests on contrast sensitivity examine how well an individual can perceive the contrast in parallel strips against the background that gradually match the shade of the stripe.