Arrange Online Aptitude Test For Placement

The organizations simply need to check the aptitude and critical thinking capacity of the understudies. About the trouble level, well it ranges from simple to truly tuff and relies on the organization's necessity of understudies for the next round also.

Once in a while, the inquiries level is direct however time given is less and the other way around. There are two types of online aptitude tests for placement is taken by various companies.

  • General Aptitude test
  • Technical Aptitude test

The general aptitude test is to check the ability and understanding level of the candidates. The technical aptitude test for placement is taken to check the technical knowledge of the subject matter.

You can also check skill assessment for software engineer by using different software.

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General Online Aptitude test covers the following sections. The difficulty level of the test depends on the criteria and requirements of the company. The company takes an online aptitude test as per the requirement of skills for the desired post.

Some common types of aptitude tests are:

Quantitative Aptitude-

  • Time & Work.
  • Number Systems.
  • Probability, Permutation & Combination
  • Time & Distance.
  • Percentages & Ratios.

Logical Reasoning-

  • Series Completion
  • Puzzle Test (Seating Arrangement)
  • Blood relations.
  • Direction test.
  • Coding-Decoding


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Para Jumbles
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms & Antonyms.
  • Cloze Test

Usually, these topics are covered under the online aptitude test for placement. The candidate who becomes able to solve the questions according to their ability and understanding level, gets shortlisted for a further round.