Augmented Reality Examples Present Real-Life Examples Augmented With Computer Added Features

With augmented reality examples on your digital device, you can overlay many sources of dynamic real-world content. This shows the flexibility of advanced technology. From the current technology scenario, it can be concluded that future augmented reality will live in the cellular space and play the most useful role in presenting relevant content in a contextual environment. 

Combining AR with online media provides a more useful and engaging view of reality with viruses, packaging, experiences and different styles. The technology is great, but as it becomes more and more common, retailers have to be more creative and careful with augmented reality if they are to make a real impact on consumers. You can have a look at some augmented reality marketing examples via

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As an augmented reality browser, Screen automatically recognizes the details of the content you refer to. When you find what you need, you can get more information about it in seconds with just one click.

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide, the universal iPhone app, combines real places with direction and interaction and offers a broader view of the real world. IP iPhone offers some real straightforward applications and useful functions with an enhanced experience.

GE: Smart Web, the app featured on the cover of Popular Science magazine in 2009, sparked a major surge in augmented reality brands and agencies over the past year.

A new AR concept developed by Microsoft called Beamatron that combines a Kinect projector and moving head sensor with the tilt panoramas you can find in nightclubs.