Best Single Speed Wheels for Beginners

Modern bikes are available in many different designs and speeds. These bikes are all derived from the single-speed bike from the early 1800s. They fixie single speed bikes  (which is also known as “Fixie-Singlespeed-Bikes” in German language) are very popular with both beginners and professionals.

Bike riding is an excellent way to travel the outdoors, especially if you're looking for adventure and thrills. Before you decide to become a professional and buy a "complex bike", it is a good idea to learn about the advantages of single-speed bikes.

Simpleness is one of the main reasons beginners prefer singles. A single has one sprocket on each pedal crank and rear wheel. It is possible to notice that the bike has no cables or shifters.

This means you can not change gears while riding. This makes it appealing to beginners as well as those who want a bike they can easily ride from one place to the next.

A second reason is the lower maintenance. You will need to care for more complex bikes and their parts. You will have to take more responsibility for fixing or maintaining the bike. Additionally, more parts and gears mean more weight. A simple bike is simpler to maintain and handle than a complicated one.

It is easy to ride a single-speed bike. To move forward, you pedal and then hit the brake to stop. This could be your best choice if you only plan to use one pedal on the road.