Camouflaging Stretch Marks – An Overview

Stretch marks appear on 80% to 85% of pregnant women and 60% of female teenagers. Teenagers also suffer from them because of hormonal changes that occur in their bodies. Men aren't exempt from them since 35% of males in their teenage suffer from them as well. Anyone who is a bodybuilder or consumes a diet may also suffer from them. The majority of people suffering from obesity often develop these as well.

The sum of millions of dollars is spent each year on creams, lotions, and oils. People who can afford it opt for laser surgery to eliminate them. The topical treatment process usually takes several months or years to accomplish their job. It is costly and difficult for normal individuals like us to pay our hard-earned money on products that will only reduce the marks in the best way. There is a different alternative with cosmetics that cover stretch marks – stretch mark camouflage (camuflaje de estras in Spanish).

They are scars on our skin due to the dermis tearing during pregnancy or rapid weight gain and loss. Once they are there, they can be very hard to get rid of. If you have tried all means and ways to get rid of stretch marks unsuccessfully, then it might be time to look into stretch mark cover-up products. Even if they are only temporary remedies, cover-up products will allow you to show off some skin during warmer months.

When picking out cover-up and concealing makeup, look for products that provide camouflage abilities to mask the pigment-affected areas of your skin. Thick makeup with a heavy base can hide uneven skin tone and conceal color changes caused by marks.