Choosing Hair Extensions – What All Should You Look For?

If you have very short hair and it looks like it will take years for your hair to grow longer, the best option you can consider is hair extensions. This will be the one for you. 

You can use it for a shorter period of time or for the rest of your life. Since extensions are so common in today's market, you should choose them carefully. You can find the best quality hair extensions via Continental Hair to enhance your look.

One of the main advantages of hair extensions is that you don't have to wait months for your hair to grow long to achieve the hairstyle you want. You can get a celebrity look in minutes if your preference is for hair extensions. 

Keep in mind that most celebrities use extensions. Clip extensions are preferred over permanent solutions as they can be removed at home and thus root from the rest of the hair. 

The ideal weight for an extension thread is 120 g and is really enough for 90% of people. On the other hand, if your hair is thick enough, you may need to grow your hair from 140g to 160g. 

You should avoid salons, websites, and shops that sell you more than 160g. They add thickness to your hair, which can increase the risk of alopecia.

The next thing to consider when choosing an extension is its quality. Determining the quality of hair extensions is quite difficult. Most sellers claim to offer high-quality extensions, but that's not always the case. 

Take the time to choose the right type of extension that suits you. It is also important to buy one that fits your budget.