Creating A User Research Plan

A UX research plan helps to set expectations and document the essentials you need to communicate to stakeholders and clients. Every company needs a strong business case for every user research session, complete with research objectives, goals, methods, and logistical needs for the study.

Master templates are the best way to create a successful and effective UX research plan. Using a template as a starting point makes planning and writing easier and helps you and your team stay focused on the who, what, why, and when of research. You can also use online templates for ux research plans from

UX research plan templates are essential tools for executing a successful project. Having a master template helps you to remember what the process entails, communicate essential information to the right people, and stay on track throughout the user research plan.

Especially since each project will be a little different and plans will need tweaking in terms of structure and content. A solid research-plan template that allows for modifying and flexibility will be an invaluable tool that will save time and provide more efficient results in future projects.

Overall, research plans offer an overview of the initiative taking place and serve as a kick-off document for a project. Their beauty lies in their capacity to keep your team on track, to ensure overarching goals are well-defined and agreed upon, and to guarantee those goals are met by the research.