Different Types Of Muslim Clothing For Women

In Islamic culture, women must cover their heads which shows humility and means cultural traditions. Different types of headbands or head scarves are available in different colors, sizes and styles. 

Apart from the usual ones, now you can find them specifically for Islamic active clothing so that Muslim women can be part of sports and other activities. There are many online sites from where you can buy swim hijabs.

modest swimwear hijab

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Some of the following headscarves are used in traditions:

Hijab – This is the most common headdress and type of scarf that most Muslim women wear. Hijab only covers the head and neck area, not your face. These are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Burkina Faso – This is the Islamic version of a swimsuit. The burqa covers your body from head to toe and leaves your face, legs and arms exposed. Made of non-stick fabric so you can swim comfortably.

Abaya or Hijab – This is the most common long and loose dress. It is worn like a coat by Muslim women. You can also wear it with a hijab. Usually available in black or other neutral colors. But now designers are introducing lots of designs to give them variety.

Amira – Most Muslim women love this. This is a two-piece veil worn with a cap that fits snugly around the head, or with a tubular scarf.