Different Types Of Rare Gemstones In Jewellery

Gemstones or gems, also known as precious and semi-precious stones, are minerals that are cut and polished to give their form in the jewelry. Their rarity in nature has added more value. 

There are some rocks named Amber and Jet which are not minerals but have been considered as gemstones and have been used in making Jewellery.  Apart from jewelry, you can purchase gemstones like the graceful purple gemstones via https://cwordsworth.com/purple-gemstones/.

The few rarest gemstones are as follows:

Jadeite: This stone is considered a mystery mineral but has been found in Guatemala and the California region. 5 mm of this bead has been sold for a huge value of US 9.3 million dollars, which is also the highest set record so far.

Red Diamond: The red diamond has been rarely found and used. Only a very few people have even this diamond. It is purplish-red in color, between pure red and scarlet.

The red diamond is considered the most expensive of diamonds ever. It is found in Australia and produced in small numbers. It is auctioned once every year or two and gets sold for millions of dollars.

Gemstones have found their classification in the west, which dates back to the Ancient Greeks as precious and semi-precious stones. In modern days the common precious stones are diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby, and the rest of them fall under the semi-precious categories.

They have found usage in different applications starting right from the antique days in the 19th century where they were found engraved and carved in monuments and cups which were then a major form of luxury artwork.