Disposable Earth-Friendly Products

Disposable products are responsible for a lot of litter we see when we hike or clean up along roadsides and stream banks. It will take years for petroleum-based products such as plastic containers, cups, lids, straws, and cutlery to break down. 

These same products can also be a problem when they are burned in municipal solid waste incinerators, releasing dioxins into the atmosphere and other toxic gases. Even seemingly harmless paper products, such as cups and plates, are often made from recycled material and can contribute to global deforestation. You can ‘go to this website’ (also known as ‘g til denne nettsiden’ in the Norwegian language) if you are looking for eco-friendly products.

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Thankfully, consumers now have easy access to earth-friendly products thanks to innovative manufacturing strategies.

Bagasse is a paper made from sugar industry waste stalks. Bagasse was once considered a waste product and needed to be disposed of. It is now used for disposable plates, bowls, cups, and clamshell food containers. Bagasse products can be considered "tree-free". Goodbye Styrofoam restaurant boxes!

PLA, which stands for polylactic acids, is a new technology that makes clear plastic food containers out of yellow corn. These clear cups, lids, and straws can be composted and biodegradable. PLA products will be decomposed in the environment within 50 days. You may find it sooner in a compost container.

We no longer have to resort to plastic picnic utensils. For outdoor and indoor special events, you can now use plant-based knives and forks. This compostable, biodegradable cutlery is durable, heat-resistant, and earth-friendly.

The compost bin is the best way to dispose of these eco-friendly products. They can be disposed of in the normal way, into the waste stream.

Go picnic in peace now!