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Everything You Need To Know About Induction Hob

Induction hobs are very popular these days; elegant, modern, clean, and fast. It has become a must-have in modern luxury kitchens, as are white minimalist doors without handles. Your kitchen designer should be able to tell you all about the suitability of induction for your design. 

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Below is the list of some of the pros and cons:

Some Pros are:

  • "So easy to clean!" Gone are the days of dismantling an elaborate set of round rings, plates, and metal lattices after every meal. The combination of grease and oil residue on the stove's stainless steel base makes scratch-free cleaning nearly impossible (not at all ideal in a modern kitchen), not to mention all the prickly spots that seem to keep poking through the cleaning cloth and poking. your hand!
  • With an induction hob, all you have to do is squirt some detergent on it, wipe it dry and you've got a nice black mirror on your table. Some models fit flat on the table and are easiest to clean. Others may have a slight bevel or stainless steel frame and require a little more maintenance.
  • It’s safer. Nothing in the kitchen is more dangerous than an open flame (except maybe a dull set of knives!) and with an induction hob, this risk is eliminated.
  • If you don't have a gas connection at home, you no longer need to keep the big bulky bottles, induction plugged into the mains and you can prepare the perfect omelet.

Some Cons are:

  • The nature of induction means you will have to replace all your pans or buy an induction hob converter, but honestly, if you are looking to install a new kitchen, chances are all your pans are old and need to be replaced as often as your original kitchenette. 
  • "The heat doesn't look like a gas." However, some induction stoves have a slight buzzing sound when the magnet is activated, which gives you instructions.You'll also usually find some sort of indicator light or icon (if your desktop has a screen) telling you which one is active. As a precaution, zones on induction hobs only work if there is a magnetic connection to the pan.