Eye Makeup for Tweens

Eye makeup can enhance your eyes and highlight their natural hue. Teenage makeup tip: use the brown color mascara for your eyelashes to provide lift as well as length, but not excessive. You can buy the best quality eyeshadow and mascara for tween via www.petitenpretty.com/collections/makeup-palettes-eyeshadow.

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Eye makeup can really enhance the look of the eyes and help make the eye stand out. Eye makeup makes small eyes appear bigger, while very large eyes can be given more depth and a richer appearance by using the right product for eyelashes.

Applying Eye Makeup

The application of eye makeup on eyes is a true art technique. It is often a matter of time and practice to become really proficient at it, and also to determine the ideal appearance for you. 

When applying makeup on your face, eye products must be applied prior to any other thing. The reason behind this is that eyeshadows and eyeliners can be messy, and if you need to apply a cream to clean up any excess or clean around the eyes, it's simpler if the face has been cleansed and free of foundation.

In order to apply makeup, the sequence must be eyeliner first, followed by shadow, and finally mascara. The mascara is the last thing to be applied because it has to remain clear and clean. 

Eye Shadow

The best tip to apply eye shadow is to apply it using the best bristle brushes and not the sponges used in the eye shades that are standard. A good set of makeup brushes is a must for every makeup kit and not just for your eyes to apply blush and powder too.