Find The Right LED Light Therapy Treatment Clinic

It is possible to rejuvenate your skin using LEDs like red infrared light therapy, infrared laser therapy, or blue therapy. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, infections, acne, and, of course, the aging of the skin, then LED light therapy would help you.

In the clinics, the treatment involves applying light energy to the affected skin by the use of LED. Similar to plant photosynthesis, the light will also trigger an organic photochemical reaction in the body. The therapy stimulates cell renewal in deep tissues and therefore rejuvenates your skin. The tired skin is then rejuvenated because damaged cells are able to regenerate and repair themselves. 

led light therapy

Types Of LED Light Therapy In Clinic:

  • Red Light Therapy: The blood circulation is particularly aided by red. Apart from that it helps damaged tissues and helps with the retention of moisture. In addition, it reduces the inflammation of the skin. It is recommended to include this treatment as part of your regular treatment for your skin. 

  • Blue Light Therapy: If you are suffering from severe acne issues, then the treatment using LED light is most suitable. It is highly effective since it targets the skin molecules which are responsible for the formation of acne-causing bacteria. When the cells are targeted, they generate free radicals, which then eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne. 

After using the treatment you'll begin to notice a drastic improvement in your skin.