Hire Best Credit Union Service

A credit union is a non-profit, cooperative financial institution that's owned and controlled by its members.

Credit unions serve people who share something in common like an employer or place of worship.

Credit unions make it possible for members to pool their savings, lend to one another, and also have a voice in the government in the business. You can also get online credit union e-statements and credit union online statement via PSFCU.

Credit unions are similar to banks in that they offer many of the same services such as check and savings accounts as well as loans. Deposits are also federally insured with credit unions as they are with banks. Credit unions combine these services with many other benefits such as personal service, generally lower interest rates, and higher investment returns.

Contact your employer to see if your company provides this benefit. If not, ask them to consider making the valuable benefit of credit union membership available.

If a family or household member is eligible to join a credit union you may be eligible to join because of your relationship.

Also, try contacting occupational, fraternal, religious, and alumni organizations. You are affiliated with to see if they have a credit union you can join.

Once you become a member of the credit union you always remain a member – as long as you maintain an account. Even after your discharge from services or relocation, you can still be a member of your credit union.