How Can I Package Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness insurance can be packaged and sold in a multitude of ways. It can be offered as an individual policy, offered through an employer-paid program, as a supplement to a new or existing health insurance policy, or as a supplement to a new or existing life or disability insurance policy.

Critical Illness insurance can also be bundled into coverage categories and claims can be made in more than one category. The largest categories would be prevalent illnesses, such as cancer-related conditions or heart-related issues.

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A client could purchase a policy that covers just one condition, or a broader policy that encompasses more categories.

The bottom line? Now's the time! Offer Critical Illness insurance before the crisis.

No one likes to dwell on their own mortality, but they do like to dream of the future – a future of ease, peace, and happiness. Dreams can be crushed by the crisis of a major illness, whether long- or short-term if financial protection is not in place. One way to ensure dreams come true is to invest in income protection policies.

Critical Illness insurance is one of those policies that cover the gaps many other policies leave open. These policies are easy to use and are for all types of people. Start offering Critical Illness insurance today and secure your clients' financial futures while you help your own.

Our understanding is that if an applicant omits relevant information or provides misleading information on their application form, this amounts to obtaining insurance on false pretenses.