How Can Scrum Master Differ From Project Manager?

It's a frequent misconception of a fresher that scrum master and project supervisor are eligible for a similar sort of occupation. Every one of these is entrusted with another job. 

In brief, it may be stated that a SAFe product owner/ product manager usually undertakes a leadership role in which he maps the program for its effective implementation of a job. While Scrum Master is the supporting frame for its staff members for good coordination and working in a group.

The next idea to contemplate is the way the PM supervisor is linked to scrum? A product manager is entrusted with the name of Scrum Master if there's a transition from Waterfall into Agile. A project Manager's function is closely intertwined with that of a Product Owner unlike that of a Scrum Master. 

A Product Owner is the most accountable figure in almost any undertaking. He's got to track the goods fitting with the company requirements carefully. He's got to experience the challenging job of directing the job to inspect the present backlog of merchandise and reprioritizes them so. The Scrum Master comes to the rescue of the Product Owner and aids him in handling a group.


Despite diverse functions, the Project Manager and Scrum Master equally are liable for rectifying and mitigating mistakes. They share a strong bonding with their staff and constantly receive comments from the staff to enhance their working from day today. Both want to stick to the fundamental principles to release their duties smoothly.