How Can You Maintain Your Metal Roof In Beckenham

Keep it clean—Over time, dirt, pollen, mildew, and other environmental unpleasantries can build up on your roof. With metal roofing, this could create a situation where the metal could begin to rust or become water-stained. 

When it comes to proper cleaning, you’ll want to use more than just plain water. You may even need a cleaning tool such as a microfiber cloth to get the tough stains out. When using a cleaning agent, you want to make sure that it is correctly diluted so it doesn’t negatively affect your roof. It would be highly recommended to always hire professional slate roofing services in Beckenham for any kind of roof maintenance. 

Remove leaves and branches—While there is no set time when you should do your roof maintenance, fall is a great time to clear unwanted leaves and branches from its surface. You’ll also want to ensure leaves and branches are removed from your gutters before the winter months. 

Clearing debris helps to ensure that snow will properly slide off of the roof—one of the many benefits of choosing a metal roof in the first place. If you have trees on your property, be sure to trim any branches that hang over the roof to minimize the likelihood of leaf buildup. Get rid of snow and ice—The winter months can be long and brutal to any roofing material. Snow and ice accumulation can pose a risk to the longevity of your roof in time. If possible, it helps to sweep snow off with a brush or a long-handled broom. No matter what maintenance you’re performing, you need to avoid any metal tools that could scrape off the roof’s protective coating.

Perform paint touch-ups—The initial paint job on your metal roof can last up to a decade. If your roof is hitting this age, or you’ve noticed chips, paint touch-ups can be a great addition to your maintenance routine. Not only does it improve the look of your roof by removing blemishes, but it also helps to remove corrosion or fill in small holes.