How To Choose The Best Rain Trough For Your Home

Rain trough is an important part of the roof as it provides direction to rainwater to get away easily from the house and prevent buildings and walls from water damage.

If you’re looking to replace your gutter, the big question is that how many types of rain gutters are sold in the market and how do you choose them (which is also known as ‘รางน้ำฝนที่ขายในท้องตลาดมีกี่ประเภทและคุณจะเลือกใช้อย่างไร‘ in the Thai language). Let’s look at the different types of rain trough in the market.

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Steel Trough: If you are searching for good strength a steel trough system is the best choice for you. Steel can withstand harsh weather elements better than any other material. Steel gutters are durable and long-lasting. The only major disadvantage of steel is that it can rust over time so you need to paint it regularly to prevent it from rusting.

Copper Trough: Beautiful look and design make copper an excellent choice for your home. It is also a durable option and prevents your home from rainwater for a longer time. Copper gutters are easy to maintain and hold up to rainwater very well.

Aluminum Trough: The main advantage of using aluminum troughs is their lightweight. They are the most economical rain trough option. Aluminum is not as strong as steel or copper, but it still holds up well to the different weather elements. 

Vinyl Trough: Vinyl trough system is lightweight and maintenance-free. It is available in a variety of colors and designs and you can choose the best design for your building.

Hopefully, this information will help you to choose the right type of rain trough for your building.