How To Do Perfect SQUAT

We always raise work capacity through special means consisting of a large array of exercises.

The squat is trained with a barbell two times a week. However, you can also read about how to do perfect squat via online sources or you may visit

This is followed by special exercises for the back, hips, hamstrings, and abs. A second workout is on Monday. It is designed for maximum strength, hence the term maximum effort method'.

Once again, exercises for the back, hips, hamstrings, and abs are worked after attempting record poundage on an assortment of core exercises.

All of our squats are done on a box. There is nothing dangerous about box squat-ting. When someone writes about the dangers of box squatting, it is apparent to me that the individual was never taught to box squat correctly or never taught at all.

When the coaches returned home, they put their ath-letes to the test and found that those who could not learn how to squat by regular squatting discovered how to in half an hour by box squatting.

This is how: with the feet pointing straight ahead and much wider than shoulder width apart, push the glutes to the rear until you are sitting on the box.

Your shins will be past vertical something that is impossible with regular squatting because you would fall over backward.

However, this position is made possible with the box, thus overloading the most critical squatting muscles. There is absolutely no pressure on the patella tendons by doing this.