How to Preserve Your Favorite Flowers in Resin

Preserving dried flowers in resin is an artful way to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. "Whether they are your favorite flowers or flowers tied to an important event like your wedding bouquet, preserving them in resin will capture their beauty forever.

In addition to crafting a sentimental art object, you can preserve flowers in resin as a way to design a custom piece of functional home décor.

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Ring holders, coasters, and trinket trays are some of the most popular ways to preserve flowers in resin. You can add in all kinds of interesting details, like gold flakes or small seashells.

No matter what type of resin you use to preserve your flowers, it will require mixing with a hardener. Different brands and types of resin will require a different ratio of resin and hardener, as well as different hardening times.

To mix the resin use two separate cups to pour the appropriate amount of resin and hardener before combining. Using a mixing stick, very slowly mix both parts until the mixture is clear and ready to pour," she advises. "Don't mix too fast, or else you will get a lot of bubbles in your piece.