How To Setup Subscription Billing Services As a Payment Solution

It is simple to set up a subscription billing service and it pays dividends when your customers are aware of it. Do you think your business cannot offer recurring billing? You might be wrong. You have a lot of creative ideas that you can come up with for your industry to help support programs like this. This article will show you how to move from the idea brainstorming phase to the launch of an online payment processing platform for subscription-based companies.

What is Cash Flow Statement?

Determine what products, support, and services will be combined into package offerings. Subscription programs that work well offer more than one package. They include multiple tiers of bundles. Consider offering basic and plus packages to customers. Each level offers progressively more quality or additional services.

A car wash might create a group to offer their basic offering for $5 per month. The "Plus" package might include a car wash and tire/wheel well cleaning, as well as waxing for $10/month. The "Premium" package would include all the above and vacuuming the car's interior for $15/month. You could set up your customers on your subscription billing service, and see your monthly revenues rise. 

Select an Automated Recurring Payment (ARB) provider. While there are many companies in the market, Authorize.Net is the most trusted and reliable. Authorize.Net is the best option if you already have a merchant account or are looking to open one. PayPal, a worldwide-recognized payment service provider that provides a complete ARB/subscription billing solution for small and medium-sized businesses, is your best option if you don't already have one.

You will need to set up your subscription programs. After you have chosen your subscription billing service, it is time to set up your program "tier" categories in the application.