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Know How The Third Party Fulfillment Companies Work

All kinds of logistic services are supported by these companies, big and small. Have you ever wondered what third-party fulfillment and warehousing companies do?

From the small or individual direct-to-consumer orders to large business-to-business; the third party logistic companies need to work while following a process to manage and efficiently complete all their logistic orders on time. You can also find the best fulfillment companies in Toronto via

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Here is a general guideline of working procedure:

1. Receive the inventory

The very first step once you get an order from your end-user is to receive the product's inventory from the suppliers or the manufacturers. 

So, whether you do it in-house or hire the services of third party warehousing and fulfillment companies; some of the most obvious things to do on receiving the inventory is:

  • Count the number of supplies with the number of orders.

  • Inspect the order to avoid any damaged items.

  • Put a bar code label on each ordered product and add these barcode labels to the warehouse management software system to keep it under track while further processing.

2. Maintains inventory storage

Now after receiving, counting, inspecting, labeling, and adding the inventory to the software system, next you need to store them properly in a managed way. Proper storage ensures that you can speed up your fulfillment operations too with accuracy. 

To make storage planning more efficient, the fulfillment companies generally refer to their sales history to keep their order fulfillment process smooth and convenient.