Know More About Commercial Architects

Commercial architects are a class of architects that can design a wide range of buildings. They can help clients visualize their dreams and build the building they want. The renowned commercial architects can interpret any business's design requirements.

They are also responsible for key tasks such as coordination of the design team and the preparation of construction drawings.The main difference between residential and commercial architects is the type and size of the projects they take on.

A commercial architect can design any type of building other than single-family homes. Commercial architects are most commonly requested for their assistance in designing retail stores, shopping centers, hospitals, airports, and high-rise towers.

The schematic design is the first phase.Through constant communication with the client and consultants, the architect develops the sketch design into the full set of drawings and specifications. The contractor then uses these construction documents to price and construct the project.

Many large-scale projects require multiple architects to manage the project's complexity. The commercial architects manage the work of consultants.

They coordinate drawings and specifications provided by consultants. Their main task is to coordinate them with the architectural designs. The usual consultants hired by commercial architects include civil engineers, structural engineers, fire protection and electrical engineers, as well as mechanical, plumbing, and electric engineers.