Lawn Maintenance in Vancouver Provides Long Term Advantages

It is vital to maintain your lawn. It's just as important as taking care of your car. You can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful by doing a few things throughout the year. You can choose to have your lawn re-seeded with cement if you don't like it. You may also want beautiful grass. 

It is up to how much work you put into it. You can do many things to maintain your lawn. It is time to overseed your lawn in the fall. This allows new grass to start growing before it enters the winter season. Aeration is another consideration for the fall. Remember, best lawn maintenance in Vancouver provides long term advantages to homeowners. 

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You compact the soil when you walk or drive on it, so nutrients, water, and air don't reach your lawn. In areas where the grass is frequently walked on, this can cause it to brown or die. Every year, you should aerate. This process involves removing grass plugs from these areas. Then, air is allowed to enter the grass to help it get more nutrients.

Lawn maintenance includes monitoring how much water your grass receives. The lawn should receive about one inch of water per week in most cases. Too much water can lead to the ground becoming too dry and the grass may become a living hell. 

The lawn will not be able to absorb enough nutrients to thrive if it isn't given enough water. To monitor how much water is being taken in, you can use a rain gauge. The grass cutting aspect is another important aspect of lawn maintenance. You should only trim the grass to a third of an indentation at any given time.