Make the Switch to Plastic Pallets

If you run a warehouse or distribution business that handles food or pharmaceuticals, then you know that safety, cleanliness, and sanitation are your top priorities. Without a clean operation, you risk contaminating your products, which renders them unsaleable.

This drives up your inventory write-offs and eats away at your bottom line. One major culprit that puts your sensitive products at risk is the wood pallets used to ship and move your loads.

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Wood, by its very nature, can become a breeding ground for mold, rot, and insects. And in pallet form, wood is an unintentional transport mechanism for contaminants. Wood is also biodegradable and will break down and wear out over time.

You can significantly increase the cleanliness of your supply chain and the sustainability of your pallets by making the transition from wood to plastic pallets. Plastic pallets are more sustainable and sanitary than their wooden counterparts and are designed to handle heavy loads with ease. Plastic is also easier to clean and sterilize.

Once you’ve decided to make the switch to plastic pallets, you still should consider the various types, capacities, and styles available in plastic pallets. You’ll also need to choose a supplier who you can trust when you make this long-term investment. Cherry’s Industrial is here to help you decide on the right plastic pallets for your business needs and guide you through this important transition process