Massage Therapy to Improve Performance

Athletes are naturally disciplined and driven whether they are competing against others or setting personal records. They constantly test their physical, emotional, and mental limits in search of the best performance.

Athletes push their bodies beyond resistance and discomfort on a regular basis. They endure pain that would make most people crawl to the sidelines or throw in the towel.

But, the athlete’s commitment to excellence often leads to injuries – sprains fractures strains, and contusions – the whole body is affected by continual, rigorous training. You can also get the best performance physical therapy in Middletown.

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Sports massage is administered by a licensed massage therapist. This therapeutic and restorative practice has been long recognized as an essential part of any athlete’s ability to push hard, grow strong and win big.

All-Star Patients

Many big winners have sports massage therapists. There are many winners, from Olympian medalists and professional major leaguers to World Cup players to local heroes who play for their community teams. Sports massage therapy is for anyone who trains hard and competes often. 

Many event organizers and trainers have hired sports massage therapists to provide short, 10-15 minute massages prior to and after athletes perform. These short sessions are thought to improve performance, prevent injury and eliminate lactic acid buildup.

Longer, more intense massages can be given during training to address specific injuries or challenges. The unique knowledge that sports therapists have of the human body’s movements during various sports allows them to use this information to improve performance and prepare for competition.