Reviews of the Best Kitchen Trash Cans

What's the best kitchen trash can? First off, you need to decide if you want a circular or square one, both can be found on It all depends on how much trash you generally dispose of in a week. If you are a regular trash cutter, a circular can would be best for you. This way, the can will accommodate as you dump everything out. But if you don't have a lot of garbage disposed off, a square can will do just fine.

Best Shape and Size: Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans With an overall circumference of 17 inches, the stainless steel is the perfect shape for kitchen trash cans. At just over five gallons, it's the perfect size for all kitchens, with a lid that securely locks in to maintain your trash contained. You can place this can in the corner of your pantry, on the counter, at the bottom of your garage, or even on your floor space. Your trash will be perfectly contained, and no spilled fluids will leak out.

Durable Design: Plastic Kitchen Trash Cans While plastic doesn't give a kitchen a cheap, cartoon-style look, it certainly isn't known for being very durable. However, some manufacturers have tried hard to make plastic that's not only durable, but extremely tough as well. To help keep your plastic trash cans looking fresh, you may opt to wash them once every couple of months using a mild dish detergent. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals or scents, because they will make your car look old quickly. If you are planning to store the can outside, be sure to wrap it in a plastic bag to avoid damaging its exterior.

Fits All: Ziploc Kitchen Trash Cans You can store a lot of items in the typical zippered kitchen trash cans. These containers fit on standard kitchen shelves and roll up for easy storage. They're perfect for condiments and kitchen gadgets, like canned goods, spices, sugar, and more. Because these trash bins are usually made of heavy duty polyethylene, they're sturdy and long-lasting, and will remain clear without having to be scrubbed clean often.

Affordable Price: Steel Is Best Steel is one of the most durable materials used to make kitchen trash cans. Although steel can be more costly than plastic, it's definitely worth the extra investment because it's a lot stronger. Because it's made of steel, you can trust that you'll get many years of use out of your trash cans. Most reviewers agree that steel trash cans are the best trash cans, simply because of their durability and long-lastingness.

Cost-Effective Price: Steel Is Best Another great benefit of this type of kitchen trash cans is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to plastic can that usually costs around $3.00 per gallon or more, steel trash is a much better bargain. You save money by only spending less on a can and still get the same amount of convenience and durability.