Root Canal Treatment Is A Boon For Infected Tooth

Root canal treatment can save your teeth that have to be extracted due to tooth decay or other causes. Root canals include the nerves and blood vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen to the teeth. 

If dental caries is neglected in the outer layer of the tooth, it reaches the root canals, where the blood vessels and nerves become inflamed and infected. The inflamed pulp tissue dies and is replaced by infected material and pus. You can also consult with a professional root canal dentist in Fairfax using various online sources.

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This causes swelling and pain and can damage the surrounding bone structure, leading to tooth abscess if left untreated. Therefore, root canal treatment is performed to remove the infected pulp and replace it with fillers.

This is also known as endodontic treatment; cleaning and sterilizing root canals and removing infected tissue are associated with root canal treatment. Depending on the situation, this procedure will be performed by your dentist on two or more visits. If the tooth has an active infection, antibiotics are prescribed for 3-5 days to relieve pain and infection.

During the first visit, after the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, only a temporary filling is performed. At the next visit, the temporary filling is first removed, then the canal is filled and finally, the tooth is covered with a crown. By crowning, the root can be protected from damage.