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Silos In The Healthcare Business – Conflicts Versus Power

A silo is a very tall, mostly airtight excavation, pit, or cylinder in which silage is stored. Now apply this understanding to healthcare organizations as business models. 

So many of us talk about improving communication, but we fail to improve on the silo factor. You can also look for the best silo repair through the web.

Silo Repair

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Problems with communication can be many things, such as finance not knowing what the production department does, social work not knowing what entertainment does, hospitality not knowing what pharmacies do, and engineering not communicating with anyone and only planning repairs that interfere with the day's activities.

Another uncertainty is the amount of change we face every day. Change can perpetuate silos if not managed properly. What is meant by change is differentiated into change, transformation or replacement. 

The problem with change is how we deal with change, which may be wholly or partly out of our control. For example, imagine a hospital that decides to change its transportation process from a centralized model to a decentralized one. 

The first thing we do in the decision-making process analyzes how much change will cost. Will this model save us money? Do we ask employees who they think is the best model? Involving all departments in the strategy definition process will lead to better results.

Some people with strong morals and values stand up for what they believe in, don't support change, and are ultimately rejected, others accept whatever happens but may still not commit to the new business model.