Software Product Development – The Market Readiness Factor

While there are thousands of software product ideas born in the minds of people, a lower number is what moves into a development cycle. Even smaller is the number of ideas that get funded to move forward. The sad part however is that a still fewer number get released and a yet smaller number become successful and profitable in the long run.

The good thing is that this fact does not seem to deter people from coming up with new ideas and others to bank their buck on it, which is good news. But there seems to be a common factor that links all product journeys that fail. The inability to see the Market Readiness factor.

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Guide to the Product Development Process 10 Steps+Key Tips

Market Readiness in the context of building software products is much about a reality check that one should be doing during every aspect of the development process to ensure that you are in line with what the market demands.

For the core goal of being sellable and in turn, being profitable, software groups can adapt to a few interesting approaches while creating products.

Prioritizing features

What gives Software products their competitive edge are the features and functionalities they deliver. Being able to prioritize from a large feature list so that you can break it into deliverable modules of the most important, attractive, and sellable feature sets is very important.