Step By Step Guide- How Can You Install Cat-Back Exhaust

1. Lift the car up. Use ramps or a crane if you don't have a lift. To access the rear, lift it up. Before you start, make sure to examine the shapes of each part of your exhaust system. 

Before you get rid of your old exhaust system, order the parts from that are necessary to reach the catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, or crossover pipe.

2. Place your back on the ground and look under the car to see the connection between the pipes and the catalytic converter.

3. Start at the rear of your car, and unbolt the exhaust system. Then move forward. The bolts can be difficult to remove without an impact gun. To penetrate the bolts, use WD-40.

4. Remove all exhaust pieces that you don't want to replace. You can now take them off the hangers. Now, you should have the entire pipe removed. You can also get brand-new hangers.

5. Depending on the hangers that you have, place the new hangers on the exhaust pieces first. This is a simpler way to put them back on.

6. Start at the front of your car and install the exhaust part. Next, place it on the pipe in front. Do not tighten the bolts until all components are attached.

7. If you don't have new gaskets, you can either buy some or use the existing ones. To prevent exhaust leakage, it is recommended to purchase new gaskets.

8. After all pipes have been connected, attach each section to its predecessor. To ensure that each bolt is secure, apply a lot of torque to it.

9. Once you reach the rear of your car, take a few steps back to correct any alignment issues. To make your car look good, the tailpipes should be in line with the bumper.