Find Out About Personalized Antibody Services

The benefits of using a special polyclonal antibody solution include advanced technology. This is reflected in the innovative peptide synthesis with Preditope, which has developed a multiparameter algorithm for epitope mapping.

From our extensive knowledge of customer-specific antibody development over the past ten decades, which have developed a 10-week, customer-specific service-optimized protocol for the production of monoclonal mouse antibodies. If you are looking for antibody validation service visit for more information.

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This protocol includes seven immunizations and three generations of bleeding. This protocol demonstrates the maximum immune response of the host.

Custom polyclonal antibody services are flexible because working with scientists from other backgrounds allows them to meet the needs of each customer. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers a personalized antibody service that is open, flexible and free at a hidden cost.

After you receive the antibody / bleeding production, it will last for 15 days. We assume that you will have to extend your work afterwards. We are happy to offer this service and cover two industrial bleeds and two animal vaccinations per month.

Another benefit is that you can get expert advice when you reach out to our knowledgeable scientific staff for advice on your custom antibody project. We also want to keep you updated on the success and progress of your project. Details about custom assembly and peptide conjugation, bleeding, immunization, cleaning and testing are usually provided to the customer.

This ensures the confidentiality of your custom antibody and the custom peptide synthesis project remains with you and that all special polyclonal antibodies and other unconjugated peptides are delivered to you.