What Does a Supply Chain Worker Do

Supply Chain Manager

Among the top position in the productive supply chain, logistics managers can oversee operations in shipping, receiving and warehousing or can manage the global supply chain operations for the entire company. These managers often can have an entire business division reported through their offices, making them critical, a key player in the success of the overall business.

Warehouse Workers

Warehouse worker jobs in business are the most entry-level positions in the industry. They have a team of expert supply chain logistics movers that move, organize, store and transport materials and components of goods and finished products as well. These positions are generally paid per hour and usually requires only a basic education.

Distribution Planner 

Planners working in the supply chain positions are those who complete all the activities of logistics analysis and really make the specification for how and when the product must be shipped to the customer site. These supply chain jobs are intermediate level positions that have no supervisory or management level responsibility.

Supply Chain Officer

Supply chain clerks can work either in transmission or reception. Those in receiving will deal with incoming components needed to manufacture the products. Shipping clerks are involved in the delivery of finished products on their way to grocery stores, convenience markets, and speciality pet food stores.