Types of Looms for Oriental Rug Weaving

There are various kinds of looms in various shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of the weavers have when making an oriental rug. The loom can be small enough to hold in your hand or big enough to pick up most of the room. When weaving oriental carpets, the size and sophistication of the looms used determines the structural quality of these carpets.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Frames

The basic components of any loom is a frame that holds the warp strands bond. looms still usually made with a rectangular frame that has dimensions of the set. looms still limit the size of the carpet, as carpet must be smaller than the inside of this weaving frame. weaving style remains popular including horizontal looms and looms village. You can explore https://www.rugs2go.com/collections/oriental-rugs for buying the best oriental rugs online.

Adjustable frame has a moving beam that can expand or contract depending on the dimensions of the carpet. Typically, adjustable loom having one or two moving horizontal beam and vertical beams remain. popular adjusted weaving style is Tabriz and Roller looms looms.

Horizontal (nomadic) Loom

Horizontal loom invented thousands of years ago, and they are known for their simple construction and design. The design of the horizontal loom has four wooden beam secured by pegs driven into the ground. Because carpets are woven horizontally, weavers had to go back and forth from one side of the carpet the other when you create the pattern.