Chin Augmentation to Correct the Facial Features

Chin augmentation reshapes the chin by placing implants in the chin or jawbone manipulation surgery. This procedure is also known as mentoplasty. It can restore balance to your face. A weak chin can make a normal nose look so big. It can also make the neck look "fat".

The end result of chin augmentation is a balanced facial structure. In order to get the best balance of the face, some patients prefer this operation along with a nose job. You can get chin augmentation in Winnipeg via

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Chin augmentation surgery is the best solution for women and men who are not happy with the shape and size of the chin. Inserting artificial implants can fix a small chin. This implant is made of Goretex or especially the silicon used.

This method promises better results, a balanced and more pleasant facial appearance. Hence, it helps you feel better in appearance and increases your self-esteem.

This operation can be done in two ways. This procedure can be done by making an incision in the mouth to repair the chinbone, and another method is by placing an implant. To insert the implant, an incision is made under the chin or in the mouth.

In later conditions, surgery can leave small, insignificant scars. This can also be done by cutting the lower jawbone and moving it forward. It is a technique that uses the body's own tissues to achieve the desired results. Various types of ingredients are used when enlarging the chin.