Dental Implants: What You Should Know

Cosmetic Dentistry is a wonderful option to consider for replacing missing teeth. Implants act as long-term replacements that your oral surgeon fixes into the jawbone. In the following guide, we will outline the idea and procedure for the best dental implants in Watertown MA

dental implants

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For years, choices were fairly limited in respect to teeth replacement. Lots of people were made to utilize a fixed bridge or removable dentures to regain the capacity to consume, smile, and talk. While these methods were effective, they were far from an ideal solution.

Many of the implants placed in patients twenty years ago are still operating at peak performance. If properly maintained, they can last a lifetime. An implant made to replace one is made up of three separate components:

1. Titanium implant.

2. Abutment — that fits over the portion of the tooth that protrudes through the gum line.

3. Crown — fitted onto the abutment to make a natural look.

Whether youthful, middle-aged or in your golden years; if you are missing one tooth or all but one, there is an implant-related solution for you.

If you're considering implants as an option, you must do your research. Ask around to family and friends to see if they could suggest an excellent surgical dentist. Check out reviews online and schedule an appointment with a doctor that has experience handling the process. Ask questions and be prepared.