PPE – Basic Tips for Buying and Complying

It may well be the butt of jokes and derision but those three words that are dreaded by employees throughout the country, Health and Safety, are actually incredibly important in today's world of work. No-one wants to be seen as a jobsworth but everyone should have a hand in making sure that their workplace is as safe as it can be.

While the responsibility falls to the employer to ensure that certain rules and regulations are followed, everyone involved in a business has to be careful to avoid risks and hazards.

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Safety is everyone's responsibility

Whatever the type of business, everyone has a right to be safe. In order to do their work in a secure environment, it's down to an employer to provide their workers with the correct equipment for the job.

This is especially important when your job involves circumstances that could be harmful to your health, but thankfully there is a wide range of Personal Protection Equipment, also known as PPE, which is available to keep you safe.

PPE covers a massive amount of areas, from high visibility jackets that will make sure you're always able to be spotted, to sturdy helmets that will protect your head from falling objects.

One of the most common types of PPE is the humble pair of safety goggles, a simple way to protect your eyes from airborne particles, sparks, and much more. They're an inexpensive way to provide your people with an extra level of protection and are readily available from all kinds of stores.