What Is Foam Roller?

A foam roller is one of a number of objects that can be used in the technique known as self-myofascial release. This term is simply a complicated name for self-massage to relieve both tight muscles and trigger points. Previously, this was something that would only have been attempted by those trained in the practice, such as professional athletes, coaches and physical therapists.

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The application of foam roller is to create pressure to the muscles of the body can help them to recover after exercise or injury, returning the muscle fibres to the correct positions and allowing them to function normally again. This helps to reduce the amount of damage that is caused, particularly if you have a tendency to over-train, which can cause muscle strains to occur.

In order to use a foam roller, apply a moderate level of pressure to the muscle, and then roll slowly. When you find a painful area, pause, and try to relax. This will slowly start to release the tension in the muscle, and the discomfort should also reduce. If it is too painful to apply direct pressure, then work on the surrounding area to loosen that first. The aim is not to tolerate pain, but to restore the function of your muscles.