Granite and Marble Countertops in Austin

Home improvement materials, as well as skilled labor, have continually increased in cost. With the average homeowner still experiencing tightened purse strings, home improvement projects and remodeling may have been put on hold.

Those homeowners and individuals who are not encumbered by severely limited funds will probably still want to save as much money as possible on any remodel. In order to save money on a remodel, such as granite countertops, vanities, and fireplaces, it is highly recommended not to buy from the large brick-and-mortar home improvement superstores.

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Granite Kitchen Countertop

There are several reasons not to patronize these home improvement retail warehouses. These cookie-cutter stores have a specific formula for pricing marble, granite, and other stone countertops and it does not allow room for any negotiating or flexibility in pricing.

The reason for being so rigid and set in stone is because of the overhead involved. The inflated prices are set in order to pay for sales associates, commissions, large amounts of product inventory, product transportation costs, insurance, electricity, several middlemen… The list goes on and on.

While many stone fabricators also have similar costs regarding staffing, insurance, and transportation costs, oftentimes there are no middlemen involved. The fabricators can purchase slabs directly from the quarries and therefore eliminate the need for charging a high premium. In addition, there can be several more advantages and room for flexibility in the pricing.