The Best Ride With Geox Inflatable Paddle Boards

Did you know that you can repair your inflatable paddle boards yourself? This may not be an option for everyone because repairing your inflatable is much like replacing them with another type. Yes, some types of structural damage to inflatable SUP decks can be fixed, not always by the original owner, but most often by a professional repair company. Most inflatable paddleboards featured here, have a patch kit with the correct size parts. Some may not have the correct parts or the correct size parts. In either case, a professional repair company will be able to get your deck looking as good as new.

inflatable paddle boards

When I was a kid, my dad had a sail boat company and he had a supply shop that stocked all the hardboard supplies you would ever need to build a boat. One of the things he always had on hand was a hard board repair kit. Many of these cardboard had cracks in them from the repeated cracking and breaking that kids tend to do with them. One day, he decided to replace all of the cracks in his hardboards with some new ones. A quick call to his sail boat supply shop convinced him that this was the best decision he could make for the future of his company.

As time went by, I also added my own skills to my inflatable paddle boards. I made myself more proficient at boarding by learning from my dad, as well as the methods from other boaters I had known. In doing so, I discovered that it wasn't only cracks in my boards that were causing problems. There was a bigger problem at work, and this was the combined effect of age and wear. I hadn't built up any muscle yet, and the cracking and breaking weren't providing much resistance for me to stand up to.

After considering having my boards replaced, I also considered repairing them. I knew that my hardboard wasn't going to be able to stand up to the same treatment as the inflatable paddle boards did, so I started to look into other options. I discovered that there are all kinds of composite materials out there that are great for repairing most headboards. One of them, called Geox, is even made for repairing a hard board's floating surface.

These boards have what is known as "geox" on their outer surface. This makes them extremely durable and safe to use in water. After surfing several times on these boards made of Geox, I discovered that the riding was much better than any other surfing I had done before. It reminded me of the great rides I had on my inflatable paddle boards made of fiberglass, so I knew that the quality of these boards made a huge difference in the experience.

After surfing on several different types of inflatable paddle boards made from different composite materials, I finally found the best one. The all-around style that Geox created is called the Flex Fit Pro. I have been using these boards almost exclusively ever since I got my new one, and they are by far the most comfortable and safe surfboard out there. You can't tell that the board is an inflatable at all; it has a very solid feel to it.

I still use inflatable paddle boards made of fiberglass, because they are very strong and durable. However, the durability of these Geox boards makes them far more desirable for me. Even my wife is using them now. She told me that the material used on these boards is much more flexible than all-around cardboard. They do feel softer on the board when you ride it, however, than hard boards.

If you're looking for durability in a paddle board, look no further than the Geox A-frames. The company has been making quality inflatable sup boards for years. When compared to all-around cardboard, they are clearly superior. You won't find the best ride or biggest waves with a regular hard board; that's why inflatable paddle boards have become such a huge trend. So, if you're looking for a lightweight, durable, easy to store, easy to take on and take off, inflatable paddle boards are your best solution.