Three Common Misconceptions About Air Freight Shipping

1. Everything which may be shipped on a vehicle can be shipped via air: That is a dangerous premise. A number of the exact same Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) rules that are applicable to airline travel additionally apply to air cargo shipments. 

When you've got any doubt, it is a good idea to talk with your carrier before you send it. The very last thing you will need is always to have to deal with the TSA as soon as they've impounded your shipment. To know more about general freight trucking visit

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2. Heavier items consistently cost more: This isn't necessarily the case. Airplanes tend to "cube-out" until they are "weigh-out". Hence, larger but lightweight packages can cost a whole lot more than smaller heavier ones. In many cases, it makes more sense to utilize a commercial delivery case with a custom cushioned interior than just to pack the very same items loosely onto a skid. 

The other restriction on skid use is that air cargo shipments are restricted to an 80" absolute height, versus 9-6" for truck shipments. The main point is the smallest possible package is best.

3. Airfreight handling isn't quite as demanding as automobile shipping: Air Freight companies possess a dirty little trick, things literally really hauled by truck. The carrier has agreed to fulfill your delivery deadline, and also contains not guaranteed the system of shipment. Besides that, the exact caliber of bags handlers works in air freight as in trucking. It's always best to package your shipments as though they were moving from a truck.