Multi-layer Reusable Face Masks for Ultimate Germ Protection

An international and interdisciplinary group of experts set up by WHO(World Health Organization) reviewed the evidence of disease and transmission of COVID-19 in children, as well as some of the available evidence on the masks used by children.

WHO and UNICEF advise children, aged 12 and over, to wear masks in the same conditions as adults, mainly if they cannot guarantee at least 1-meter distance from other people. You can use multilayer reusable face masks for ultimate germ protection of your family.

Based on these and other factors, such as the child's psychosocial needs and developing stages, WHO and UNICEF commend the following:

Children under 5 years of age do not have to wear a mask. This is based on child safety and general interest and the ability to use a suitable mask with the least support.

WHO and UNICEF recommend the use of masks for children, aged 6-11 years are based on the following factors:

• Is it widespread in areas where children live?

• The child's ability to use masks safely and appropriately.

• Washing and changing of masks under certain conditions.

• Adequate adult supervision and instruction for children on how to wear remove and wear masks safely.

• Possible effects of using masks on psychosocial development and education in consultation with health care providers, teachers, caregivers, and parents.

WHO (World Health Advices) advises people to always consult and accept recommended practices in their area from local authorities.