How to Take Care of Combination Skin

Combination skin needs a balanced skincare approach. Generally one will have to treat the cheeks and hands with the products required for dry skin and nose, forehead, and chin with products required for oily skin.MAYA Combination skin moisturiser is best for both types of skin. You can buy this product for better results.

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Below are some tips for combination skin people which can help them out.

1. Use a stringent cleanser on the oily parts of the skin and a mild cleanser on the dry part. T zone can be cleaned twice a day whereas the dry area once a day.

2. Every skin type needs moisturization. You can use two moisturizers – a thick moisturizer for dry parts and a water-based light moisturizer for oily ones.

3. Applying sunscreen with at least SPF 15 is very important too.

4. Try to use lotions or a cleanser which have alpha hydroxy acid(AHA).

5. Scrubbing can be difficult for those who have combination skin. It is better to use the homemade scrubber to balance out the skin without affecting it chemically.

6. Chemicals in soaps damage the skin so it is better to stay away from them.

7. Choose your cosmetics cautiously and do not treat all the skin parts equally if you have combination skin.

8. A simple morning skincare routine should include a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. This is to be done first thing in the morning and doesn't require a great effort. If you have specific skin complaints e.g. blemishes you may add products to combat these as required. After this, you may then put on your make-up.