Tips for Offering Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Services

People and companies move out of homes, apartments, and offices every day. When people and businesses move, they need to clean up their old location or make sure the new location is clean before moving. 

Your cleaning company can fill that niche by providing something called to move out cleaning services for customers. This can be an additional service your cleaning company provides, a way to teach employees new skills, and a great way for your company to turn more profits!

Application/exit cleaning can take the form of cleaning the building after the old tenant has vacated or before new tenants are hired. Customers wishing to move/disembark include residential and commercial property owners and managers. 

A good place to start when looking for in/out cleaning accounts is to contact a property management company. If you happen to go to college, there probably won't be a shortage of work. If you have cleaned a commercial building, your customers will surely ask you to provide cleaning/relocation services when they move into a new office or building.

When you start cleaning your move, you may need to meet with the property manager on-site to get an estimate of the time it will take to clean your home, office, or building. After you contact the property manager, you may forget to make a weather forecast and only charge for your time. 

Most likely you will also need a floor cleaning service (carpet, tile, wood). This is a special cleaning service that you wear separately. Offering this special service will also increase the profitability of your cleaning company as you will charge more for this service.