How to find a good moving company?

Before picking out a moving company, it is important to figure out your needs first. Here are some questions you should ask yourself so you can select a company that meets all your requirements: 

-Where would I like to move?

If you are moving from one city to another or from one state to another, you should be sure the company provides services for where you live now as well as you new location 

-What type of service do I need? 

You may need only packing services or may also need relocation assistance. If you need assistance in packing, you should ask the company to do it for you. Don't forget to inquire if they offer such a service before hiring them! 

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-How will my belongings be handled? 

A truck can handle only so many boxes on a basis. Some companies provide full-service and some offer just packing as a service. Some companies also allow clients to pack their own boxes.

– What is their reputation and are they licensed?

When choosing a moving company, look for those who have been in business for long and have solid reviews from customers.You can contact the Better Business Bureau if you want more info about your options with movers. You should also check if the company has any complaints against it or not at the local Consumer Affairs Office. You can also check to see if the company has a license to transport and deliver goods by visiting your state’s Department of Transportation website.