Roof Hatch installation: Things You Must Know About

When it comes to the design of a roof access hatch that provides smooth access to a commercial roof, you must explore the main features before installation. The commercial roof access hatch is one of the many main requirements for roof projects.

However, the models of this equipment have similar designs.  To make internal access to a secure commercial roof, you can rely on this solution. As far as the design of hatches is concerned, you may come across the following options.

  • Sliding access
  • Hinged access

Things to consider before choosing a roof access hatch  

  • Pitch of the roof and design of the ceiling
  • Height for the floor to ceiling
  • Reasons for which access to the roof is indispensable
  • Knowledge of the roofing material
  • Should the roof include a walkway with an access hatch
  • Checking the fire rating and insulation of the system

If you are in two minds about choosing a roof access hatch, you can find various sizes and powder-plated options that resonate with the color of the roof.  The sliding hatch is more accessible than its counterpart as it closes and opens with ease.

Potential features to be selected in the access hatch

There are strong access hatches available today for workers who operate in the construction industry. It is essential to follow a proper plan and a suitable roof access hatch for workers to prevent the risk of falls when working on the roof.