Makeup Kit to Look Gorgeous in Summer Season

Makeup is an art which conceals all the imperfections of the face and highlights the best features in order to make you look stunning and perfect. It is not necessary to apply each and every makeup product available in the market, especially in summers when sweating can smudge your makeup and make you look messy and filthy. But you should apply them in an appropriate manner so that you look gorgeous in every occasion.

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makeup product

Following are few tips to make you look gorgeous as well as be comfortable in the burning hot season.

  • Foundation is the first thing which you must remove from your makeup kit India till the arrival of the autumn season. If you can’t survive without the product, then it is advisable to use a tinted moisturizer to hide small flaws of your face. Tinted Moisturizer is lighter than foundation but is equally effective.
  • Dare not to wear bold makeup especially on your eyes. A light dab of soothing eye shadow with defined eyes and waterproof kajal and mascara is perfect for the summer season. Most of the people believe that moisturizer can be skipped in the summer season but sun exposure dries.
  • Take good care of your hands and feet and treat them well before applying nail paints. You can experiment with juicy, fresh and dark shades like cherry red, bright yellow, baby pink and navy blue to give a contemporary touch to your look.
  • Prefer using bronzer instead of blush for evening makeup so that you can get natural sun kissed look. To shield face from the sun, don’t forget to use a lip balm that contains SPF.