Steel Beams And Its Types

After the industrial revolution using steel in the construction field gained widespread acceptance across the globe. The steel beams are strong, lightweight, and easily adjustable to other materials.

Steel is the most popular choice for builders due to its versatility for both small and large projects. The availability of steel is higher in comparison to other materials for construction, such as wood because it is plentiful, providing strength, durability, and practicality.

Before purchasing steel beams online learn about the different types that are used in the construction of homes.

Steel Beams at Best Price in India

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  1. W-beam- It is one kind of beam widely employed in residential construction, especially for small structures, due to its lightness and simplicity to weld, assemble, or rivet. This will work well with other materials. It is extremely beneficial to the project generally since it is not compromising its structural strength. This beam is called the wide Flange beam.

  2. H-beam The beam type is mostly used in the construction of high-rise condo buildings. These are nevertheless residential developments, however, of a greater size. It's a larger and more heavy beam in the I or the W types of beams. 

They are perfect for foundations for tall buildings because it has durability and structural strength. A single beam can hold about 1,000 tonnes of weight. This kind of beam is among the most sought-after around the globe. 

  1. I-beam- This type of beam made from steel is extensively used in the construction sector and is now a vital component of the support structure of structures. The i-beam features flanges that are tapered which allow it to be always functional. 

  2. T-section beam: This type of beam can be used to serve as an interconnection and load-bearing section that is joined with rivets and bolts. The T-beam permits the installation of various sections of I-beams or W-beams into structural spaces without causing any compromise or damage of any kind, which makes building multi-level structures easy. 

The majority of T-section beams are installed on steel beams and columns which give the building a balanced internal structure.