Choosing The Right Kind Of Army Surplus Tent For Backpacking

Backpacking includes camping, trekking, and hiking in remote areas and a backpacker must have the right equipment. This includes the right type of clothing items, tactical gear, boots, etc. One of the most important items in a backpacker's equipment is their tent.

Nowadays a variety of tents are available for backpacking. Tents should be selected with care for backpacking. You can also consider army surplus tents for backpacking. You may check out online surplus stores to purchase army tents at cheap rates. 


A tent for backpacking usually is made up of good material, which is composed of tents. The tent also requires sticks to fix it to the ground. When you need to resolve the tent more firmly in the ground, tying down the door is useful.

Factors to consider when picking a tent

The backpacking tent should be made of lightweight material that may be transported easily. Heavy-duty tents are advised only when there are pack animals, ATVs, or extra people to lift the additional weight. The tent material ought to be light, but it needs to be tough enough to withstand any kind of weather conditions. It should provide protection against rain, snow, insects, and wind. Tent material is available in nylon which is tough but inflexible and can resist the most adverse weather conditions.

You will find single-person tents which are slightly greater than glorified sleeping bags. However, they provide protection from the elements and they're simple to carry. There are just two to four individual camping tents that are excellent for family camping trips. Seven or more person camping tents are very big, though heavy to take. The type of backpacking tent that you choose is dependent upon the type of backpacking or camping trip that you like, covet, or intend to go.